LONGTENG Management is a leading model management group based in China. Founded in 2003 and being a witness of the fast-growing industry, LONGTENG Management has discovered multiple Chinese faces, shaping global and Chinese fashion scene in the past decade.

Deeply rooted in its Beijing headquarter and branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, the group has developed LONGTENG Supermodel Contest as the most professional model contest in the past years with a vast national scouting system. The newly-introduced LONGTENG Model Training Academy is aimed to provide the most professional experience to fulfill the supermodel dreams.



Authorities from prestigious media titles, fashion brands and international modeling agencies and top creative artists are joining our contest for the next supermodel.


Face to face with fashion photographers, make-up artists, body builders and industry insiders for the professional experience and insights to become a supermodel.


Check out the successful stories of the former winners now supermodels from our previous contests. To become them is not a dream. You can be the next.